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What is the story of the manor itself and what's with all the rooms?
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Stepping through the door to this world would usually bring you out in the back alley of a bustling marketplace, complete with a large water fountain with crystal clear water in the center. Walking out into the open the world seems overwhelmingly hot, and everything has a yellowish/gold hue due to the terrain. The first thing which might strike one is that the sun appears to be an odd shape, however upon closer inspection it would become clear that it wasn't actually a sun at all, but a vast moon-sized diamond which is used alongside advanced technology to provide sunlight to this planet.

Ilos [Spelt: I-L-O-S] is a relatively small planet, covered in a vast desert. There are trees which grow in large oasis' the town occupying the doorway appears to be one of them. All around the town are people in loose, basic apparels, going about their simple lives. As far as one can tell, the planet is occupied by humans only.

~ Currently Observed Cultural Differences: ~
  • In greeting, one would raise their hands to their chest, crossing their fingers and tucking their thumbs behind their palms to form an upward triangle or chevron before bowing. (Possible tie in to religion?)
  • Due to the diamond sun in their sky, they refer to days as Orbits, and their equivalent years are known as Cycles, it is possible that they do not have a term for weeks and months.
  • It has been noted that not a single person has been seen with a weapon. The sheer thought of weapons seems to put them on edge, perhaps something happened once which made them like this?
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