Room: Greek Bathroom

What is the story of the manor itself and what's with all the rooms?
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Immediately visible upon stepping into this vast room would be the twin pools, both within a couple of meters of each other. The pools themselves each are somewhat oddly shaped, similarly to that of a circular, amoeba-like shape rather than just a plain circle. One of the pair is sunk into the floor, while the other is raised slightly from the floor, the pair of which are lined with cerulean tiles. The smaller of the two pools has a fountain in the center shaped like a rearing stallion with water pouring from its mouth. Beside each pool is a small metal panel from which an orange hologram seems to hover above containing controls for the pools, like water temperature, fountain settings and even bubbles and waves.

The floor about the pools is simple stone, not rough but not completely smooth to avoid slipping, like sandstone and with a pleasant warmth throughout. Around the perimeter of the building are great, white marble pillars which appear to hold the roof up. And beyond the pillars there appears to be naught but grasslands, rich with flowers and trees. Of course, whether the background is real or not is debatable, nobody's gone that far out of the building.
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