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What is the story of the manor itself and what's with all the rooms?
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The main area of general meeting and recreation. The common room is a vast, cylindrical room, several yards across in diameter littered with couches and coffee tables. Beside some of the couches reside large wooden trunks containing blankets and other useful trinkets. Not far away from those are AC electricity sockets in plentiful supply around the room, they look slightly out of place in such a place.

Looking upwards would reveal the many thick yew beams that span across the common room, the purpose of which appears to be stability. The undersides of some of the lower beams contain small spotlights that help illuminate the room when darkness falls. Finally, above these beams lies a glass ceiling revealing an outside sky, almost invisible initially as it is regularly polished.

At three 90° angles around the perimeter of the room, there are archways leading to other areas of the manor:
  • The first houses an archway which leads to the endless, labyrinthine network of doorways. The immediate corridor connected to the common room is where most of the guest rooms and words lie. For example, the very first room on the left belongs to Uni, though this is not always the case for guests, or even a rule.
  • The second archway leads to the kitchen area. The kitchen isn't large enough to warrant it's own page. It mainly consisting of food preparation utensils of all ages and types. The floor is made from smooth stone slabs, while the walls seem to be old stone bricks. There is a large oak table off to one side of the room, yet not pressed against a wall to allow for all sides to be seated at. Against one wall, there is a large wine rack housing various vintages. It can be assumed that the kitchen also contains a refrigerator and freezer, a sink with running water, etc.
  • The third archway leads into small, ornate foyer with two vast doors which act in much the same way as the other doors in the manor. It usually leads out to a world with with a vast forest. From the outside in that world, the manor simply looks like a large castle. Due to it's placement, many have been lead to believe that beyond that door is the front of the manor. This is not the case, as to why that specific world is located through that door, is currently a mystery.
  • Around the fourth angle, there is a grand ornate fireplace that is very efficient at thoroughly heating the entire room.
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