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Room: Nadj Industries Tower / Corporate Headquarters

Posted: December 31st, 2011, 3:04 pm
by Enker
The door to this particular area is in the northwestern part of the manor's expanse, where the walls and furnishings start to take on a fancy Versailles-ish flair, with mirrors and Rococo designs on the walls. The door itself is wooden and covered in nature fantasy carvings and symbols of royalty and has the numbers 752 in solid gold mounted on it.

Beyond that are metal columns, polished marble-looking green tiled flooring, rectangular purple-tinted glass windows, large potted plants, and an empty reception desk off in the middle of the room. Two elevator doors sit at the back and bullet proof glass doors lay back the way as well as potted plants, all of them sporting a large red six-winged dragon logo which also appears on the tiled ceiling. Inside the elevators are a number of small buttons, with the highest one going to floor 150; for the especially nervous, though, there are flights of stairs to either side of the reception room past black, unarmed doors.

Outside is a sprawling complex of black buildings, some of them visibly sporting the red dragon logo from the view of the entrance/reception room: laboratories, factories, storage warehouses and such. Cars and freight trucks are parked outside them, though a number of the vehicles have smashed in windows and open doors; the streets, parking lots and dock yards alongside the buildings are otherwise pretty empty.

The only people Uni and Enker found during their last trip there were a number of armed guards wearing cloaks of various colors, a lecherous red and purple-haired businessman named Tracha Lucerna and his longsuffering, unfulfilled, ice magic-wielding secretary Hyoushou. From them the two explorers discovered that this time period (and of course, the tower itself) possesses a wide variety of advanced technology, sufficient for even androids and energy weaponry to not be entirely uncommon. Furthermore, it may actually be a future version of Enker's Earth, given the presence of at least one artifact, a grimoire, that he's seen before in his travels.

Despite those advantages, the people in the tower still have a good bit of the building and complex on lockdown. Red, spiney tentacle monsters have been making their way through the complex and the tower, stealing the observed appearances and personalities of the inhabitants to better catch them off guard. Presumably, many have been killed by these creatures, though their interests don't seem entirely focused on consumption...