Room: Space-dock in orbit of PJ4987

What is the story of the manor itself and what's with all the rooms?
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Through the door leading to this particular room are a stack of metal crates, pushed aside. Presumably they were placed there to hide the door to the manor? Or perhaps it’s just a coincidence? Immediately visible, dead ahead after first stepping through the door is a hangar for all types of space travelling vessels of sorts. The sheer size of the hangar would lead one to believe that many different types of ships, weather they be small fighters or giant freighters can dock here.

The place itself appears to be built from a sort of metal, white in colour and generally clean looking. Across to the right is the vast opening, through which the ships would enter the dock. The opening itself appears to have a shield of sorts, a yellow energy field in the shape of large hexagons spans across the whole entrance, presumably to somehow keep the atmosphere inside. Past the shield is the void of space itself, the station itself appears to be orbiting a deep cerulean planet of unknown origin.

Across most of the visible deck, are transparent parts in the walls which reveal the space outside, perhaps to provide extra visibility against attacks or perhaps just for some scenery. To the left hand side are a pair of double doors that lead to the inner depths of the space-dock itself.

The dock itself is inhabited by future humans of an alternative timeline/dimension. Their primary language is Mandarin Chinese, being the most spoken language on Earth. It seems that it became the dominant language upon the dawn of space exploration. English and other similar languages are considered to be Ancient languages and haven’t been spoken by common folk for millennia. However there are scientists who study languages and do speak/understand it. Dates are not measured in years, instead they are measured in ‘Distance from Origin’ which is the current radius of the universe as it expands, their current year is ‘41HX5 from Origin’ and they’ve been orbiting the planet for ‘F2 since Origin’. They seem to be quite hostile, though perhaps they are only such towards mecha. The human race seems to have grown fewer in numbers, partially due to finding ideal partners in designer androids as opposed to real women, and on top of that, an android uprising. The human race itself there seems to have evolved somewhat, they seem taller than most, though their other features seem similar. They also have advanced armour in the form of bodysuits that they all wear and also use energy based weaponry.
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