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What is the story of the manor itself and what's with all the rooms?
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The door to this room has a rather different feel to the majority of doors about the manor, in that it feels very mechanical in comparison to the others. The door itself appears to be made of a sort of metal, sliding to one side as it opens.

The inside of the room may at first seem somewhat boring as it'd be like stepping onto a blank sheet of paper. Simply looking inside, it'd be difficult to judge the size of the room due to the walls and ceiling seeming to not cast any shadows at all. The whole room is brilliant white in colour, though shadows are cast by occupants of the room, should any enter. Occupying the center of the room is an almost invisible control unit, cylindrical in shape. Amongst the surrounding whiteness it is easy to miss and even easier to trip over. The purpose of it would appear to be a means of interfacing with other devices. As an example, Uni has connected a games console to it to enable a truly immersive way of playing the video games.

Of course, this is not all the room is for. The room appears to be hosted by a small hologram girl called Hollie. Hollie spends the majority of the time invisible. However upon first entering the room, or specifically requesting it, she can turn visible again. Hollie is represented as a small fairie. A pint-sized, pale blue, see-through hologram. She doesn't really have a personality, nor emotions. However she recognises people, remembers names, asks about destinations and follows commands.

Finally we get to the purpose of the room. After informing Hollie of "Where you'd like to go." or "What you'd like to do" she would disappear, and after a few seconds the room would transform around you into what you desired. The size of the room no-longer coming into play as your fantasy world is built for you.

However, bear in mind only one virtual world can be imaged at a time, so if someone else walked into the room at the same time, they would be walking into the other person's fantasy.
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