Room: Memory Lane

What is the story of the manor itself and what's with all the rooms?
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When walking down a corridor one day, one may notice a strange door. It seems out of place with its dilapidated appearance, rusty hinges, which appear to have rotted. The door hangs ajar from them with cobwebs decorating it. Its looks like it’s never been used, or had forced entry or perhaps simply hasn’t been maintained, but never been touched again since, which is suggested by a thick layer of dust over it.

The room is based on the user’s mental capacity to produce and log memories long gone. The user may use this room to relive a memory, in some way, "time-traveling" back into their memories, where they can take part this memory again. However, it only plays out how the memory went. It cannot be changed. It acts like a virtual reality machine in effect. No harm comes to the people inside. Think of a memory and relive it. Great for when two friends or lovers who want to share their past memories together once again. Or if you can't remember what you were gonna do 5 minutes ago!

As an example for how it’d work for my character;
Galenia is not sure where she hails from, nor does she have any recollection of family or friends. Curiosity gets the better of her naturally and she’d carefully brush the cobwebs away and slither through the small gap in the slightly open door. She’d emerge on the top of a steep green hill, looking down to a sunken area in which lies a large, steel factory-looking building. The sky would seem a bright blue, with a few fluffy clouds dotted around. Little does Galenia know, this is where she would discover the terrible truth behind her existence.
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