Room: Navigation/Transportation Room

What is the story of the manor itself and what's with all the rooms?
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The door to the room itself has no sign, and is as plain as the majority of other doors, only a slight discolouration of the frame leading interest in its direction. The inside of the room itself is spherical in shape, a full football field in diameter, the entrance sitting on the equator. From that entrance leads a metal catwalk, metal grating revealing the vast drop below, and thick industrial railings either side with cables of varying thickness entwined along those rails and along the platform itself, as well as dangling from various parts of the room towards what lies at the end of the platform. Around the outer edge of the room, all over the walls are vast gears, all whirring and turning in their places, causing quite the deafening noise of bustling industry. The purpose of the gears are not known, one can only assume that they work towards making the mechanism operate properly.

At the end of the platform, the absolute center of the room, sits a large holographic hub, projecting a large, orange, three-dimensional image of the inside of the manor, revealing the currently explored areas, the map itself is now almost a full meter across in size, almost spherical in shape with all the levels and gravity defying corridors. The railings extend around the hub allowing one to walk around the base of it to some extent, though it’d be quite tight.

The purpose of the machine is to act as a transportation device. Supposedly it allows things to travel to anywhere that’s been explored in the manor. It does work on static and metal objects, so machines would have no problem with it. However, it has been tested on a human and had quite the adverse effect. Uni has been working on trying to get it working for biological organisms as well as machines, but perhaps if someone with more specific knowledge in that area were to come along, they may be able to make it do more.
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