Victor Havland

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Victor Havland
Died at the age of 24 in a mugging that put his pregnant girlfriend in a coma. Awoke in the Culling Fields of the Deadlands and was nearly captured and sold to a Stygian blacksmith for soulforging. Escaping he found friends in other Wraiths that taught him the ways of this new world while he watched over his girlfriend. Eventually, she succumbed to her injuries and while her soul moved on immediately the same was not true for the unborn son, and by the time Victor to get to him the child soul had already been forged into a Stygian coin. He defaced the stamped symbol and wrote in David, giving his son a name at the very least, and carries the coin with him at all times.

He is a wraith, a ghost. As such he quasi-corporeal, solid enough to be affected by the living world but not able to affect it himself without great concentration and effort. His corpus is far more malleable and can allow him to squeeze through moderately tight fits, though nothing like a slipping under a door or through a keyhole. Gravity also does not grip him with the same tenacity as the living, though this does not give him any added speed when running nor height when jumping, and actually serves to be more detrimental than anything.
By dealing enough physical trauma to his corpus he is able to become fully incorporeal, allowing him to pass through most solid objects and drift about free of gravity's touch. This is, however, one of the few things that is actually painful for him and so it is rarely a first choice and never a happy one.
He can manifest himself in the living world but this is also extremely taxing and is reserved for short messages or actions.

As gravity does not hold onto him the same as living people, he is moved more easily by physical inertia. He must be careful when moving around that he doesn't bump into people or objects, for while people might experience a chill run through their spine from coming into contact with him, Victor would likely be flung violently. While this contact will not hurt him, unless it's traumatic enough to disperse his corpus, it can certainly be disorientating and slow him down if he attempting a task of some kind.
He is also numb. Many would think that death is cold, but wraiths would correct them and say that the cold is merely passing through the Shroud to the land of the dead. Once there everything connecting you to the living world is severed and that includes the concepts of hot and cold, winds, and weather. They can't be affected by any of it, and this ability to see and yet be so disconnected from the world they knew is the source of much of the laments of the spirits and why so many go mad rather than find their way to move on. As such, Victor has developed a habit of talking to living creatures when though he knows they can't hear him, the action of playing out at least half the conversation keeping him from losing his mind.

He is dressed as he was in life, a pair of grey cargo pants with a simple white short sleeved shirt with a black dress vest. His dark brown hair in life is now black, his fair skin now pale, though while the rest of his is a paler, faded version his eyes are the reverse. The once light blue eyes are now a dark and intense blue, which can be a little startling when someone is actually able to see him. he is also neutral in demeanor most of the time, though has a tendency towards extreme emotional outbursts. Though he cannot actually feel these emotions, they are derived from memories and so they come to the surface in relation to the stimuli at the time, though never fully, and then simmer back down to neutral as quick as they came.
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