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FULL NAME: Tajiera Vaudiin Muasend
RACE: Human
AGE: 29
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'10"

She has olive-brown skin with deep brown eyes. Framing her fairly roughly-featured face are dark bangs connecting to a mass of thick, black hair which falls to her lower back. Her figure is somewhat athletic, but curvaceous at least, emphasised by her large bust.
Her outfit consists of a fairly plain white cream blouse, the top of which she usually leaves open. Her long legs are clad in tan breeches and long work boots. Tied across her forehead is a crimson strip of material in a bandana/sweat band. Finally, she wears a large red overcoat over the whole lot. The materials all seem rather worn and ragged, though her coat seemed to have the brunt of it, burns and holes covering it in abundance.
She isnt really one for keeping jewelry, allowing herself a pair of simple hoop earrings.
As for weapons, she mainly carries an energy-pistol, which closely resembeles some form of revolver in a holster beneath her outer coat.

  • Quite Rude and Up front
  • Pushy and Overbearing
  • Sometimes unpredictable
  • Very Willful
  • Sly
  • Money
  • Liquour
  • Mechanical constructs
  • Aircraft/Vessels
  • Not getting her own way
  • Being told what to do
  • Getting the smallest share of the spoils
In terms of strength, she's merely a human... There's no way she could stand against a demon or probably even magic. Hell, she's not even a very good fighter!

  • Born on an economy air passenger transport vessel. Conditions were cetainly not fitting for the circumstance.
  • Since then she's managed to adopt a slyness and charisma which allows her to manipulate others mingle through many social circles.
  • For the most recent 17 years of her life, she has spent her life in the sky, as part of a crew for 11 of them and as Captain for the rest.
  • Back home, she is the Captain of the "Merciless" - a B13X-3c model, cargo-class air transport carrier, and the leader of a 5 person crew.
    • Jansen - The navigator for their journeys.
    • Kiwi - The pilot of the Merciless.
    • Brutus - The engineer, made sure the ship kept in the air
    • Square - The midshipman, doesnt have a specific role however can occasionally fill in as co-pilot.
  • The ship itself mainly consists of a large cargohold and crew quarters attached a pair of gargantuan, adjustable rotor-blades which keep the ship aloft and on course. It has been said that while offering safe transit, the vessel is not the most pristine in air transit. In fact it has been said that it is a wonder that the mish-mash of assorted bolted-on parts can actually keep in the air.
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