Phoebe Crescent

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FULL NAME: Phoebe Crescent
AGE: 36
RACE: Videorene + Crystalform Symbiote
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'3"
  • Mother: Rinoa Windstrom
  • Father: Percival Crescent
  • Husband: Janus Zeal
  • Phoebe keeps her hair in a formal long straight style, with the hair near the front trimmed to shoulder length and the hair at the back allowed to extended freely.
  • Her hair is a very dark Shade of orange, and it does not hold a sheen well under lighting.
  • Ties her hair into a Ponytail when going into a situation expecting to fight.
  • Phoebe's eyes are a very bright orange normally, slightly more oval than a human's eyes.
  • Phoebe's eyes can become flecked with emerald green specks, or even turn completely green depending on the symbiotes level of control
  • Like all videorenes, Phoebe has a gem slightly bigger than either of her eyes growing out of the middle of her forehead, hers being a brilliant sapphire blue
  • Phoebe's skin is a pale orange, which turns red when flushed.
  • Phoebe's entire body is speckled with emerald green freckles, these are the exit points for her symbiote's crystalform growths and she can look quite peculiar when crystalline constructs sprout out of her skin through her freckles, or when the freckles change location on her skin.
  • Thanks to the crystalline strands reinforcing her body, her skin is quite firm and her body, including her B cup breasts, curvy hips, and rear end is quite pert.
  • Phoebe is strong and firm in her beliefs, but she makes an effort to understand others and can be influenced.
  • Phoebe has experienced a lot in her short life, even death, and tends to think she knows best, but tries to be polite and inoffensive, even when uncomfortable.
  • When she does run into a new situation she is often at a loss for words and reacts slowly.
  • Phoebe is somewhat lacking in a sense of humor, and acts incredibly serious all the time, even when not working.
  • Phoebe is terrified of losing herself to the artificial intelligence of the symbiote used to reanimate her. It is a crude mind completely lacking in empathy with no inhibitions except what was programmed into it. Phoebe is only able to retain control of herself because the symbiote has no desires of its own besides basic survival.
  • As the former Pegasi Master of Videa, Phoebe is an expert in time, air, and electrical magic, and dabbles in other fields.
  • The symbiote fused with Phoebe is a weapon designed to both protect Phoebe and destroy her enemies with extremely flexible energy beams. It allows her to fly and hover, can replicate the crude shape of any kind of tool or physical weapon, can form an armour around her, and creates light in varying intensities and frequencies.
  • Since phoebe is not technically alive, but is animated by the symbiote like a puppet, she does not need to eat or breathe, although she still requires some sleep for mental health reasons.
  • Phoebe has basic military training, giving her crude self defense skills, basic weapons operation, and tactics.
  • Phoebe comes from a world with incredibly advanced technology, and possesses the average understanding of such technologies use of any member of her civilization. This can allow her to use strange alien devices similar to those of her own world.
  • Phoebe is secretly a songwriter, although she rarely has time to compose and doesn't willingly share her work with others.
  • Music
  • Peace
  • Teamwork
  • The color blue
  • Efficiency
  • Feeling normal
  • Magic
  • Helping People
  • Noise
  • Sentient Experimentation
  • Slavery
  • Singularity Events
  • Greed
  • War
  • Corruption
  • People invading her personal space
  • Being reminded of her missing husband
  • Collateral Damage
  • Being reviled for what she is
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