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FULL NAME: Abygail Ross
RACE: Android (Approved for Mass Production)
AGE: Irrelevant (Looks between 18 - 23 )
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'9"
  • Each strand can display any 64bit colour at any point along the length. The variety and complexity of which is almost limitless.
  • The colour defaults to Neon Blue however she has currently adorned a Honey-Blonde colour.
  • Her front fringe is side-parted, swept across her forehead while the longest parts of her hair reach just past her shoulder blades.
  • The hair itself has an odd shine to it. The shines are calculated by raytracing technology, replicating realistic shines based on the positions of actual light sources, although this is not 100% accurate in its presentation.
  • Upon deactivation, her hair loses all texture and shine to it, becoming a flat, dull version of its current colour and nothing more.
Like the other Mayumi-model androids, her skin is also bright white, however she does not have those telltale seams in her flesh that the others have. Her blade-like ears are also much smaller than the B7 models, so much so that they are easily completely hidden behind her straight hair.
Her eyes are bright yellowish-gold and somewhat glassy in appearance. They tend to glow somewhat in the dark, giving the indication of heightened vision in poor light. Strangely, she also seems to require glasses. She wears a pair of small oval, rimless spectables atop her button nose.

She is usually dressed in a dark grey suit with paler grey pinstripes. The top of which is usually open somewhat, revealing an open-topped blouse and a line of luscious cleavage. The outfit also consists of a matching dark grey pencil-skirt, tightly hugging to her hips and shapely buttocks. Finally, on her feet she wears a pair black shoes, each with six-inch heels.

  • To the Point
  • Inquisitive
  • Steadfast
  • Calm
  • Arrogant?
Depending on whether she is involved with someone, she can be:
  • Caring
  • Affectionate
  • Loving
However if someone were to question her or her masters methods, then she can be:
  • Cold
  • Calculated
  • Ferocious
Abygail's main limitation is that, like the other droids she is still powered by a form of electricity, and like the others, she has a limited supply of energy at any one time.
However unlike the prototype droids, she's completely aware of her own abilities as an android.

  • After having been originally produced for and purchased by Vincent Mysts for use in his company as his secretary. However after trying to establish a more personal relationship, she ended up leaving his employment, mainly due to being incompatible with his way of showing affection.
  • She freelanced for a while, gathering intelligence about the manor and its connected worlds.
  • She now works for Tracha Lucerna, currently on a mission to aquire a series of eldritch horrors known as 'Angels' which will be vital in a grand scheme of aspiring to transhumanism.
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Character Profiles: Uni, Melody, Moshara, Tajiera, Abygail, Persephone, Dark Moshara
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