Emi Miyako

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Emi Miyako
AGE: Young adult
DATE OF BIRTH: Hrive 2 Fourth Seldarine
RACE: Risceda
GENDER: Female/Male
HEIGHT: 5'9" (175cm)
WEIGHT: 140Ibs (64kg)
HAIR: A line bob cut spiked in the back straight in the front with side bangs. The side bangs are purple the rest of her hair is pink.
EYES: Light Pink
APPEARANCE: She generally wears a full body suit that is pink with red Celtic designs down the sides and along the arms. However, she also wears a white pleated skirt over this which had pink Celtic designs over every other pleat. Thigh high boots which are also white no designs.
HISTORY: She lived in the city of Douloa in the world of Kheaiwa all her life. Her life was never really difficult until she reached the 3rd year of Alpine school (Alpine would be the high school equivalent of the school system). During her 3rd year she slowly lost her vision which was a very rare case in her race. Though blind, she always had the dream of doing a little adventure. When she reached maturity, though she was blind, she still wanted to go on an adventure before going to higher learning school.
PERSONALITY: Emi is playful and curious, which often gets her into trouble. She often uses sarcasm.
ABILITIES: She has no magical abilities to her knowledge. However, she does have the ability to use a computer... and as I said.. curiosity often gets her into trouble.
LIKES: Hacking, Parties, Natural Statue Art, Smoking, and other things.
DISLIKES: Homophobic Men, Being mistaken as a transvestite, being told she can't do something because of her blindness.
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