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FULL NAME: Moshara Avashii
AGE: 18
BIRTHDAY: 27th August
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'0"
FAMILY: Unknown
  • Golden-Blonde
  • Exhibits a large ahoge at all times.
  • Often tied up into two pigtails behind her
  • Two 'curtains' if you like, either side, of her head, one spanning further across her face than the other,that same one being slightly longer than the length of her face, and tied back with a piece of pink ribbon. The other is held slightly shorter and held behind her ear.
  • For school and when she's not in the mood for tying it up, she would have it loose and untied, it almost reaches her shoulders, just an up-turned bowl of layered straight hair.
  • Crimson red colour, not evil looking, but red and warm looking.
  • Rarely wears makeup, and if she does its only on VERY rare occasions
  • Fair skinned, sun kissed if anything.
  • Very cleanly, possibly quite overly so.
  • Has pert and round breasts, C in cup size
  • Has quite a firm, round pair of buttocks.
  • Strong-willed
  • Somewhat bossy
  • She likes to tease a little and play hard to get.
  • When she doesn't know people she's quite passive.
  • When excited, she can be quite bouncy in nature, though generally is more relaxed and serious lately.
  • She usually ends up in situations she should have worked harder to avoid.
  • She tries with her education, but sometimes her memory fails her.
  • Although it is the least displayed trait of her personality, she is in fact quite mysterious. This trait is usually arisen when speaking about her past.
  • Slightly rusty, yet trained ShadowBlade, (Assassin)
    (she also carries a dagger around to protect her at all times, usually against her inside thigh)
  • Knows the arts of swordplay, knowing many styles and techniques.
  • Was Telepathic, she is no longer, though does on rare occasion hear faint random noise in her head. If she is within the proximity of anything with abnormal mental strength, she suffers from varying strengths of headaches from minor tingling to a crippling migrane.
  • Also, expanding on the above ability, If something really drastic happens to her at any time by a living creature, her mind may sense that creature if it were to come within a certain proximity of her. Although she would not know at the time, what the feeling meant.
  • Can perform many kinds of Magic through the medium of bizarre dances
  • Has hollow bones, rendering her very light and quite nimble, this also allows her to jump very high.
  • Star gazing
  • Travelling
  • Performing and Watching Magic
  • Dancing
  • Tree Climbing
  • Being High up
  • Having Fun
  • Going on Adventures
  • Being Stroked and Gently Tickled
  • Puddings :3
  • Angry/Mean People
  • Arguments
  • Being Abused in any way
  • Being Taken Advantage of
  • Boring People
  • Drunken People
  • Seeing Gruesome Scenes
  • Deep water. (She cannot swim at all but she does like water.)
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School Uniform
School Uniform
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