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FULL NAME: Melody Kye
MODEL NO: B7 type.A
RACE: Android - Prototype (One in a set of three, So far: Uni and Melody are the only ones to have appeared in the manor.)
AGE: N/A (Looks between 18-20 )
MANUFACTURED: 04th of September 23X0d
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 4'11"
FAMILY: While she has never seen her creators, she was bought by a disabled man whom she refers to as Master Kye. Notably: He is the only one she refers to as Master.
  • Styled in a short bob, starting quite short at the back, with straight sides her hair gets gradually longer as it reaches the front.
  • She doesn't have a fringe, her hair is parted down the middle. At the front of her bob, she has two longer sections of hair, one either-side which are curled into loose ringlets.
  • The colour defaults to Neon Blue Colour
  • Each strand can display any 64bit colour at any point along the length. The variety and complexity of which is almost limitless.
  • Her hair itself has an odd shine to it. The shines are calculated by raytracing technology, replicating realistic shines based on the positions of actual light sources, although this is not always 100% accurate in its presentation.
  • Upon deactivation for whatever reason whether it be maintenance or even just sleep, her hair loses all texture and shine to it, becoming a flat, dull version of its current colour and nothing more.
  • A deep yellow colour. Glassy in appearance. If light were to be directed straight into her eyes, then one may even see the cameras at the back.
  • They have the ability to change colour also, though only do through a drastic persona change, brought on via being hacked/corrupted or put in a life threatening situation.
  • They also light up/glow when in dark rooms to give the impression of night vision (which she does have)
  • They also glow upon preventing a power surge.
  • Very fair skinned, not totally white, but close.
  • Instead of ears, she has two metal, elf ear-like, audio receivers, commonly referred to as 'ear-blades'
  • She also has subtle seams in her skin, no spaces between.
  • Being such a small size that she is, her breasts are proportioned accordingly at a B cup.
  • Other than the slight abnormalities, she could quite easily be mistaken for a somewhat ill human or possible a vampire.
  • For clothing she only owns a sky-blue sundress with white floral patterns down one side and a pair of simple sandals.
  • Generally naive due to her upbringing, curious, and slightly passive.
  • She is polite.
  • She is intelligent, though hasn't had too many experiences.
  • She can be very curious about things she hasn't seen before.
  • Has an exceptional singing voice, but isn't so good at playing instruments.
  • Even as an android, she can eat food, though only in small portions, the portion she eats is converted into energy to keep her going for longer, but not enough to be able to rely on it completely.
  • She MUST be plugged into a mains socket at least once a day, her system undergoes critical maintenance that is vital for optimal operation the next day.
  • Can actually generate moisture, e.g. her lips are slightly moist.
  • Her system also has deposits of unstable metal molecules which if the correct current is applied through, can form into new shapes, any of which would expand from the subtle seams on her body. (Though seems unaware that she can do it, maybe if she is in a life threatening situation she would produce results.)
HISTORY: As far as she's aware, she was purchased by a young man called Miles Kye living on a peaceful, calm desert planet known as Ilos. He was a disabled man with motor paralysis in both legs. He bought her to act as his companion, and look after him which she gladly did. She would tend to his necessities and entertain him such as singing to him and shopping for food for them both.

It was on one of these shopping trips that she discovered the manor, searching for a grocery store she lost her way and emerged in one of the manor's vast hallways by accident. In trying to find her way home in the labyrinth of doors she stumbled upon a vicious corporation leader who wanted to acquaint himself with her in ways she certainly didn't want, and in a blind panic, trying to escape, she lost her way home.

Having no idea where her home is and which door she came from, she is now stuck in the manor and is having to get used to her new life.
Handy Links: Rules, Setting, Rooms, Profiles

Character Profiles: Uni, Melody, Moshara, Tajiera, Abygail, Persephone, Dark Moshara
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порча на смерть по фото в Австралии - помощь мага

Так случилось, что пришлось обратиться к магу с сайта Заказывала порчу на соседа, который не давал нам нормально жить. Весь подъезд страдал от его выходок, постоянных пьянок, пьяных собутыльников. У Романа заказала порчу на смерть этому опустившемуся маргиналу. В итоге спустя 3 недели ушел из жизни от инсульта, когда был в очередном загуле. Очень благодарна магу за оказанную помощь!

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порча на смерть по фото в Австралии - помощь мага
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