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FULL NAME: Zode Avernien
AGE: 17
BIRTHDAY: January 18th
STAR SIGN: Capricorn
RACE: Half-Elf
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'5"
  • Mother: Déesse Avernien, Elven origin.
  • Father: Borealis Avernien, (formally Carpenter), Human origin
  • Naturally brown, but it is now dyed black with the underside a deep purple
  • Comes half way down her back in length
  • Her fringe is long and parted. The right side of her fringe has more than the left. This is the side which covers her eye when let down.
  • Her hair is straight with layers cut into it. She normally likes to wear it down or in a loose and slightly messy bun with two chopsticks. On occasion she does like to opt for other styles too.
  • Her eyes are a sparkling emerald green colour. Her eyes are bright and happy looking, but they do possess a hint of sadness.
  • She likes to wear eyeliner, mainly black with eye shadow, (normally a colour that will correspond with her outfit, but her main colour of choice would be purple). She also likes to wear purple lipstick, again depending on the colour of her outfit she is wearing at that time.
  • Her lips are naturally a nice pink colour.
  • Her skin is slightly fair, but she does sport a natural rosy blush to her cheeks, combined with a hint of a tan.
  • She doesn’t mind roughing it and getting mucky, does like to keep herself clean and smelling lovely soon after.
  • She has healthy size DD breasts, which are soft and squeezable ^_^
  • Nice, petite round bum, which is also soft and squeezable. It does have a little flesh to it, but not too much and neither is it too bony.
  • She has a slender figure, and has lovely curves, again not too bony, and not too big.
  • She always wears a sliver leaf pendent and a gold chain depicting her star sign around her neck.
  • Long, not overly large elf ears, sporting two piercing on each ear.
  • Zode is kind natured elf and willing to help anyone in trouble. She loves to smile and laugh and loves to make other people smile and laugh too. She enjoys having company and having fun with other people she loves. She also enjoys caring for animals too, and hates to see anyone upset. Zode is quite an intelligent elf, skilled in summoning and very creative in what she does, or when she’s simply drawing a picture. She is a patient person, with a heart of gold. However, Zode does tend to bottle her emotions rather a lot, and the consequence for someone who upsets her or angers her, could possibly end quite badly due to her secret alter ego, Zodacia. Zodacia is an evil spirit who possesses Zode when she is angered and will destroy anything in its path.
  • Zode likes to be loved and becomes lonely very quickly. She may also seem a little timid at first, and seems scared of people when they get angry around her because of a tragic childhood with her mother, but once you get past that she is a bubbly young lady who is very polite and quite well spoken.
  • Trained summoner in summoning star signs and planetary powers.
  • Telepath, (but chooses not to pry into people’s minds, unless she feels it necessary).
  • Can perform many elvish incantations.
  • Skilled horse rider. She owns a unicorn stallion named Spirit.
  • Skilled Artist.
  • Skiller Astrologer.
  • Can use a sword, dagger and a bow and arrow aside from her main weapon, her staff.
  • She can also orb, but she doesn’t very often.
  • Can speak some other languages.
  • Has natural powers of healing.
  • The Zodiac
  • Astrology
  • Colour purple
  • Music and singing
  • Reading and studying
  • Adventuring and being outdoors
  • Having fun with friends
  • Horse riding
  • Being loved
  • Being hugged and giving hugs
  • Kissing and being kissed
  • Feeling wanted
  • Being a free spirit and working independently on occasion
  • Likes being in a peaceful forest near water when she wants to be alone
  • Being alone/rejected
  • Spiders
  • Colour pink
  • Ignorant people
  • People who are too pushy
  • Someone hurting her
  • Being sad or angry
  • Zodacia
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Drunk or stoned people
  • Boring people
  • Bullies
  • Having her help thrown back in her face
More Pictures of Zode: Show
Zode's Casual Wear
Zode's Casual Wear
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