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FORUM RP: Guidelines

Posted: May 6th, 2010, 11:07 pm
by Uni-B7C
Ok, so you've read the rules, that's great. This section is to give you an idea of how to get on better with this community. These guidelines are not as strict as the true rules, but it is recommended that you follow them to some degree. Especially if explicitly stated NOT to do something.

Global Guidelines:
  1. The most important guideline I can think of... Have Fun nobody likes to be bored out of their brains, if you don't enjoy our board, please don't feel that you are being forced to participate.
  2. Respect, this one should be pretty obvious, but hell, here it is. Please treat the people on here with respect, like you would people you actually know. Don't be an ass, it won't do you any favors.
  3. Post your topics in the correct forum please. For example, don't post an epic debate on the general election inside an RP forum.
  4. Although it is perfectly allowed for people to have their own opinions on subjects, please do not troll on this board or you may receive disciplinary action.
Roleplay Guidelines:
  1. Please do not intentionally disrupt an RP thread. This includes posting OOC comments in the main RP thread instead of the OOC one. Your posts may be deleted in this case, certainly moved to the appropriate forum.
  2. Please specify on your topic, whether you want people to be able to do certain activities.. e.g.
    The Manor Common Room [No Hentai|No Fighting|No BDSM|etc]
    There will likely also be a special set of topic icons which you will be able to use to do the same thing, e.g. "18+" or "U" for universal.
  3. For the sake of OOC, it is a good idea to make a topic in the OOC forum with the same name as the one you create for RP.
  4. If someone isn't into an RP, please do not harass them to continue. You can always try again with someone else.
  5. It may be a good idea to specify in your opening post the scene you wish to set, and perhaps whether the rp is open for anyone to join, or only specific users and who they are. If you have any rules for your Roleplay, state them so people know what they're signing up for.
  6. DO NOT GOD-MODE OR POWER-GAME! Nobody likes playing with (or against) someone who can do everything the way they want to, whenever they want to. Half the battle is working out how to win with what abilities you have, and if those abilities consist of practically 'anything' then the fun factor drops drastically for everyone.
Profile Guidelines:
  1. When you make a profile, try not to make a character who will be invincible, it's fun to think of what they're weak against and how it affects them. If a character is invincible and all-powerful, they are boring. It finishes a roleplay before it even starts.
  2. It is not required for you to post a profile picture, however if you DO post any, please try to keep them tasteful. Nudes are allowed, but again, please keep them tasteful. DO NOT Post images of full-blown hardcore sex, they are not tolerated here and will be deleted. Please do not make me regret saying that you can post nudes.
And now, I think, with that lot, that's about it ;) this may change over time, but we'll see how it goes. Again, I hope it isn't too much and i'm sure you'll realise that we're not really asking for much out of the way of common courtesy. Now you've read all this, perhaps you could go to the Introductions forum in General discussion and introduce yourself, You'll get a warm welcome and be on your way to becoming part of our community.

Now, on your way and have fun.. Thanks for reading :D

Room Changing.

Posted: May 6th, 2010, 11:09 pm
by Uni-B7C
Another point which may be a good idea to note.. Why not have it so that when you change rooms, or.. more importantly, when you enter a Specific Room from say a General room.. e.g.
Uni wandered from the common room towards the first door in the hallway, and went through into the room..
Why not stop posting on that topic now and create a new one, representing the new room you've just entered.. (though don't do this for rooms like, the kitchen adjacent to the common area though, that's just silly)