Scene Suggestions and Interest Response Threads

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For the sake of trying to get plot centric scenes running consistently, I have decided to to create a system which can be followed to help arrange scenes for the channel and allow people to schedule themselves to be able to participate accordingly.

Both Official (for GM/OP suggested scenes) and Unofficial (Player-suggested scenerios) can use this format:
Only ONE Scene Suggestion Per Thread!
  1. For those posting scene ideas, include the following:
    1. A Title that briefly describes or even just hints at what the scene is about.
    2. A description of how the situation within the given world was discovered (outward manifestations, NPCs who are asking for help, etc.)
    3. A brief description of what is expected for getting through the given scene and whether it's a physical, mental, and/or social challenge.
    4. The time frame with which one wishes to run said scene (i.e. Within a few weeks)
    5. The time of day, in a range of hours, and possibly the days for which those will apply, for when you'll be around to run it if possible.
  2. For those replying to scene posts, include the following
    1. Your interest in the scene in question.
    2. When you'll be around, hours with your timezone are a good way to plan things e.g. "3pm-10pm EST". (it is vitally important to include your timezone as it enables those in other countries to plan accordingly)
      If you are regularly available then you could post when you aren't likely to be available.
      If you just don't know, then be sure to say that you cannot be sure.
    1. Anything about the scene idea which jumps out to you
    2. Anything about your character that you particularly wish to make use of in the scene.
As a side-note: If you'd like to use this system to create a scenario which is NOT plot related, feel free, you are more than welcome to experiment and mix the formula up a bit to make it work.
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