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IRC RP: Rules

Posted: December 31st, 2011, 1:57 pm
by Uni-B7C
The rules for this channel, are mainly a reinforcement of common sense and are carefully explained, so I hope you pay special attention to abiding by them, people who do not will receive a warning, and should one chose to ignore said warning, they will be banned from the channel.

There are no general rules on character creation other than your character CANNOT be younger than 18 years old!, other than that, you can be whatever you want to be.

Global Rules:
  1. This Channel is an 18+ Adult Roleplay Channel It is not necessary for your character to be of that age, Though it is absolutely required that the users/players are all 18+
  2. The manor has been written is such away that you can plug most any scenario into it through the Rooms/Portal system. Please DO NOT attempt to control aspects of the manor itself. While abilities may affect the manor's light or move objects around, please do not claim that you can re-arrange the overall structure of the manor itself or change what the door/portals do. The doors link the manor to your world and vice versa, they can only change under special circumstances which should be cleared with an OP.
  3. When speaking OOC (Out of Character) Please be sure to append parentheses () to your posts.
  4. The style of roleplay in this channel is generally freeform, however if an Operator creates an event and classes it as active, then certain restrictions may apply, see [Events].
  5. While charcters may be constructed in a particular game system, such as White Wolf or Dungeons & Dragons, this does not mean that others are forced to conform to that character's standards, limitations or game-system. However a character built in that system is still bound to the limitations of the system they are defined with.
  6. Be fair to the people around you. It is wonderful when a player is having fun, but when that player becomes the only one having fun, and prevents other players from enjoying themselves then they should re-evaluate their presence in this channel.
  7. Ignoring characters around you and particularly directly trying to interact with you is downright bad manners and is heavily frowned upon unless there is a good in-character reason for doing so. If you do not wish to speak to a specific character near you in a room for reasons such as an OOC grudge, then rp in a different one.
  8. This is not Fight Club! Do not misinterpret this into thinking that there cannot be any fighting. For it is Certain that fighting may ensue at some time. What this rule means is no starting fights for the sake of it. The channel is not intended to be a constant punch-up between players!
  9. Please do not pointlessly disrupt an active roleplay, this partially excludes Operators if they feel the need to do so for an important reason, such as directing the focus of the channel onto a scene or event that would affect the active players.
  10. Please do not confuse OOC and IC information. If someone tells you something Out of Character, unless specifically stated, that doesn't mean that your character knows as well.
  11. DO NOT COME HERE TO TROLL. Making fun of other characters for their difficulties is neither fair nor tolerated here. The same goes for outright piss taking.
  12. DO NOT COME HERE TO SPAM. Doing so will result in an immediate ban.
  13. Respect the players around you, try to get along and not aggravate them.
  14. Listen to the people around you, If you don't want something, Make it clear to the person pushing you. If you want something that another doesn't, please kindly stop.
  16. NO POWER-GAMING! While you might enjoy the act of constantly completing tasks as instantly, effortlessly, and as dismissively as possible, it is outright boring for other players, Please DO NOT DO IT!
  17. If you have any questions, ask away.

Re: IRC RP: Rules

Posted: December 31st, 2011, 2:00 pm
by Uni-B7C
Event Rules:

These are special rules that apply when an event is taking place, please be sure to abide by them or you may be banned from taking part in events in the future.
  1. When an event is taking place, the participants will be given voice (+v) if you are not one of these people, it would be appreciated if OOC talk could be minimized, and RP that is not associated with the event itself could be carried out seperately. This does not exclude you if you are an Operator however due to being unable to recieve voice properly with +o you should speak to the event's host and go from there.
  2. Please only post ONCE between each post of the event's host. This gives everyone a chance to respond. There may not need to be a priority or order of who posts first, but only once per 'cycle'.
  3. Do not post things that affect the environment. The environment is controlled by the event's host, not you. So please try to refrain from doing so.
  4. When attacking, using magic, techniques, whatever, please leave the effects open. This way it allows the effect to be modified by another player or the event's host, or it might just do what it would do originally.
  5. What an event's host says about his or her event goes for their event. If you do not agree with their ideas then you can always PM them and discuss it. If that does not satisfy you then you can always leave the event.

Re: IRC RP: Rules

Posted: December 31st, 2011, 2:02 pm
by Uni-B7C
Rules for Channel OPs:
  1. DO NOT BAN ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY WHO ANNOYS YOU! You are not all high and mighty. You have simply been given the privilege of looking after the channel while the founder is absent, nothing more.
  2. If people present a problem, talk to them, try and resolve the problem. If the problem persists and is a danger to the enjoyment of other people in the room, then you may ban that person.
  3. You Are Not God! Again, being an operator simply gives you the privilege of being able to maintain the channel. It does not make your character invincible. It does not give you increased power at all times. If you feel that something drastic must be done in the channel in character to prevent major disputes then you may do it as long as it isnt outrageous.
Failure to comply with these rules as a Channel Operator will result in removal of your privileges.