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General Rules and Guidelines for this board as well as any other information that might be useful for you to get the most out of our setting. Please Read These!
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Here at #TemporalManor we try and keep things simple, however there is always a form of complication to be had at any time which can detract from this simplicity. To combat this, we have this small set of rules to be applied across the boards. Any category specific rules will be specified accordingly. There will also be a guidelines thread for more information on how the users should behave on here, though is not completely required.
  1. This forum, as stated in the registration agreement is an 18+ forum, If you are under the age of 18, please close this browser window and do not come again until you are of age.
  2. Don't spam this board, evidence of such will result in an immediate banning, you've been warned.
  3. Do not troll or disrupt other topics, If you're going to be an ass, then we don't want you here.
  4. Some topics allow you to add images, please do NOT upload any and every image you find, especially do NOT upload explicit images. Keep it tasteful guys!
  5. On this board, Signatures are allowed. However please do NOT upload the largest, tallest, glaring signature image you can find or you will notice it vanish rather sharpish. (If you do this repeatedly, you will no-longer be welcome.)
  6. Ignorance will not be justified against these rules. If you break these rules, and try to claim that you didn't know because you hadn't read them, that will not cut it. The rules topic was mentioned in the registration form, and is the first forum on the board index. If you didn't read them and broke them, then that's your own fault.
If you break these rules, you will be dealt with accordingly, in most cases this will be a warning, followed by a banning on a repeat offence. However, do not think that just becuase that's what we've stated, that doesn't mean we can't just outright ban you, think again. Do not abuse your membership here.

All in all, that's it for the serious ones, please be sure to give the guidelines a quick once over too.
And that's it, I hope they weren't too intense for you, and look forward to Roleplaying with you in the future.
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