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Claribel Raisa




Claribel was raised in a communal setting. All of her close relatives and a few other families traveled together from place to place, setting up little camps as they went. They followed the weather, and the money although they never seemed to keep as much as they made. She never did find out where it all went.

By the age of twelve she had seen everything from the tiniest settlement to the largest city, never really stopping to consider what it might be like for the children of these places to live a still lifestyle. She didn’t have a whole lot in common with “stuck” kids, but that suited her just fine. Many didn’t like her family, for a reason she couldn’t figure out. She’d worked hard, even as a child, doing simple chores while most of the adults were away either performing acts or tricks or selling hand made wares. Her life passed by in a whirl of packing and unpacking.

It wasn’t until after puberty that she started seeing things for what they were. Her family and those they traveled with had very...odd beliefs. Ones she couldn’t come to terms with herself. They shunned most races, peoples and life choices and that just wasn’t how she wanted to be.

Everyone had to have a set job that was assigned by her grandfather once they were “of age”. She’d never liked the man and when he decided that she would be a performer because “the boys would take a liking to her”, without bothering to see if she had a natural talent, she grew resentful. At least he hadn’t dressed her like a common whore.

He’d assigned her this cello that had been untouched for as long as she could remember. When she had removed it from its case, she’d been amazed by its beauty and good condition. She’d put aside her resentment for a while, choosing instead to practice and see what she could accomplish. She only ran into more trouble.

While she’d taken to the cello easily, try as she might, she couldn’t master the songs of her heritage. The ones that would “get people to pay”. It was as if when she went to play, her mind washed out all knowledge of what to do and she floundered. When she just let the music come, it was like she became the instrument and it just flowed. Her family didn’t believe her when she tried to explain.

Finally, it was decided that she had caused too much conflict and was of too little use and she was cast out. Given enough supplies to get her to the next major city. She’d refused to part with the cello. Not that she felt like she really wanted it, as beautiful as it was, but that she couldn’t give it up. She didn’t know why. She also wondered why they didn’t put up much of a fight about it.

Charismatic in a non-committal way. Naturally shy to those she sees as outsiders unless conducting business or performing. Gentle, kind and accepting, she’ll go out of her way to help those she sees in need, if she can. Defensive, doesn’t trust easily. Talented, dedicated. Has a tendency to be pensive and anxious when out in public. She has a love of animals, particularly foxes. ( All this might be subject to change due to the cello’s will. )

Skills, Flaws, Abilities & Powers:
Skills: Very capable with her instrument, although unable to dictate the song beforehand. Has a way with words when it comes to getting what she needs. No other skills or abilities unless you count resolve and a willingness to work hard.

Flaws: Obsessive compulsive about playing the cello and its care and maintenance. Distrustful.

Influence, Wealth & Fame:
She is not well known yet, although she does seem to be making a name for herself. Not wealthy by any means and she has no influence over anyone else. The only thing of note that she has in her possession is her instrument.

Five foot two, shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, relatively pale for a nomad. Neither thin nor particularly obese, arms and fingers a bit more toned than the rest of her. Her posture sucks, slouched shoulders pretty much always. Lip ring in the center of her lower lip, half-sleeve tattoos along with several others over her body, mostly of natural things.
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Interesting and good to see normal (non superhuman) characters. Welcome to TM.
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