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IRC Nick: Quill

Image: Quill Bibble
AGE: Young adult
DATE OF BIRTH: sometime around 1901 earth time.
HOMETOWN: Orakihide
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 112Ibs
HAIR: Shoulder length Purple
EYES: Sky Blue
APPEARANCE: He wears a tattered blue tunic and a pair of faded blue pants. His build is slim but not frail. He's slightly malnourished, but his skin is naturally pale so it doesn't show enough for most non elves to notice.
HISTORY: Trained in the magics of summoning by an ageing summoner, he was forced out of his village after forming a contract with the ethereal city Alexandria without permission despite succeeding in gaining it's service. He is now an adventurer without a home.
PERSONALITY: Quill is playful and curious, and a little bit over excitable. He's willing to go to great risks to acquire new contracts as well.
ABILITIES: Quill is a summoner, although so far he only has contracts with three minor wind sylphs and a dryad. He has a partial contract with the greater summon Alexandria as well, allowing him to call on the powers of the legendary library, usually to bring out the book of techniques. As any summoner, he can summon things without a contract but there's nothing to make them obey him.
LIKES: Fruit, adventure, exploration, meeting new species and cultures, reading, playing games, discussing magic.
Romance, Cuddling and hugging, petting.
DISLIKES: awkward silences.
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